The 3RDi Kit

The world’s first complete high end camera kit for an iPhone 4/4S. Designed from the ground up, it is earmarked to be a “game changer” in iPhone photography. The 3RDi Kit extends the exceptional picture taking experience on an iPhone to a new level.

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// Key Features

  • Lenses

    Never before seen quality of lenses with highest edge-to-edge sharpness producing stunning image quality. The 3RDi comes with a Wide angle lens and a Fisheye lens. The ability to change lenses gives your iPhone photography a whole new field-of-view and increases the iPhone’s native range.

  • Filters

    Uniquely designed Polarizer Filter and a Neutral Density Filter for an iPhone. These essential tools will help extend the creative possibilities and push the boundaries of iPhone photography.

  • Lens Grip

    World’s first ergonomic solution to carry all of the above accessories “right in the palm of your hand”. The Lens Grip is a sleek and perfectly designed handgrip allowing for greater stability and one-hand operation while containing all of your lenses and filters. It helps transform the iPhone from “Phone Mode” to “Camera Mode” in seconds.

  • Cold Shoe Mount

    Adding a cold shoe mount opens up a world of possibilities and accessories offering greater scalability.

  • Tripod Mount

    The Lens Grip also incorporates a ¼ inch tripod mount to attach and detach from a tripod in seconds with this unique mounting design.

  • Flip Case

    Whether in “Phone mode” or “Camera Mode” the user has the option to attach or detach the flip cover from the iPhone case.

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