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“We developed the 3RDi to beautifully compliment the slim line look of the iPhone. The kit allows its users to transform the iPhone from phone mode to camera mode with just a click.”

// Knight Vision Studio

Knight Vision

Knight Vision Studio LLC is an interdisciplinary product design studio specialising in high-end optics and camera accessories. The 3RDi, a high quality, beautifully designed and usable camera kit for an iPhone 4/4S, is Knight Vision Studio’s flagship product. Knight Vision Studio operates out of Seattle, Washington for the U.S market, with design offices in Bangkok, Thailand.

// Ethan Knight

Ethan Knight

Ethan Knight is an international documentary/commercial photographer. With ten years experience, his work has taken him to many places around the world such as Sierra Leone, Liberia, Rawanda, Sri Lanka and most recently Burma and Thailand. His images have been published internationally in numerous editorial publications including New York Times, National Geographic Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Sydney Morning Herald, Australian Geographic and New Zealand Geographic.

Ethan Knight is the co-founder of Knight Vision Studio, and is the product design director currently based in Bangkok, Thailand.

To View Ethan's Portfolio www.ethanknight.org

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